Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Within Our Bones

A young urbanite looking to the internet to fill the void he feels, and finding instead something that cripples his already tenuous ability to connect with other people. A bordertown stoner navigating an evening of random violence, and learning something about his friends that he'd rather not know. An intellectually-snobbish college student discovering that he can only come to terms with his lust if he puts it behind glass. These are the walking wounded of America, and their agonies are explored in the pages of Within Our Bones.

Collecting short stories and flash fiction that first appeared in a variety of literary journals, as well as several works that have never before been published, Within Our Bones brings together the short fiction written by Marcos Soriano in the years following his cancer diagnosis and treatment. United by themes of spiritual discomfort with the physical body, and physical discomfort with spiritual conceits, Soriano's stories introduce the reader to a range of characters grappling with the meaning of life as it's lived in an imperfect state. Often bleak and depressing, always affecting, these are not easy stories to read. That said, when you find a moment of hope or redemption in this collection--fragile and fleeting as it may be--it rings true.

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Cost: $2.99
Format: eBook (available as a PDF or a Kindle book)
Contents: 7 short stories + 10 flash fiction shorts, 31000 words

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