Friday, March 9, 2012

Map of Fog 3

"If the great Studs Terkel were with us today, and if he took an interest in interviewing various people in the San Francisco area with diverse and fascinating backgrounds, Map of Fog would be something he might have made... this delightful zine asks intelligent and provoking questions to those being interviewed, with a focus on what brought them from such disparate backgrounds to San Francisco... As if the compelling interviews weren't enough to merit high regard, there are also a few pages dedicated to giving an informative and historical look at fraternal organizations that still exist in one San Francisco district. For those who enjoy reading about history and culture--especially people familiar with San Francisco--this should unquestionably be in your possession!" --Bob Goldie, for MaximumRocknRoll (a top 10 zine)

Cost: $4
Format: half-size zine
Contents: 28 pages, 20 pictures, 15000+ words

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